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Horse Smart

More than just riding, building a connection

Horse Smart is a structured, outcome based program comprising of 9 weekly 2hr sessions.

These are booked at the beginning of the term.

9 x sessions

Each session 2hrs - $100


Horse Smart


Aimed at the 6 - 12yo who are keen to learn all things horse, including:

  • Tacking up / down

  • Grooming

  • Horse Husbandry

  • Stable Management

  • Feeding

  • Gear Maintenance

On horse riding comprises approx 45min of the session.

Horse Smart


Whether you are a new horsey parent, getting back into riding or just don't want the kids to have all the fun!

Our Horse Smart Adults program is for you.


Choose from:

  • Back to Basics 

  • Groundwork

  • Ridden Skills

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